Issue 1: Reimagining the city in the age of coronavirus

The Urban Systems Lab is proud to announce the launch of Resilience, a new quarterly publication. As cities around the world face unprecedented challenges, we invite submissions from designers, scientists, architects, students, activists and artists exploring a just and equitable response, and how new and progressive approaches to design, urban planning, city governance, climate justice and activism, as well as decision making can be reimagined. We are particularly interested in articles, stories, media and artworks concerned with examples of participatory decision making, the role of climate and racial justice in the upcoming local and national elections, and the role design and science can and should play in imagining the future of cities. What is a resilient and equitable vision for cities post-Covid? How has COVID-19 changed organizing?  How do we design for restorative justice, and build resilience to both climate extremes and future health crises? 

For this issue we are collaborating with the Tishman Environment and Design Center, which serves as a hub for climate and environmental justice research and practice, with a specific focus on critical, participatory action based research in collaboration with frontline, grassroots and community based organizations and coalitions. 

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